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"Half-way there" mugs

We're Done! The ribbon has been cut, the motorcade has traveled the route and now the Public has full use of the project for the next 35 years.


The mug on the right, known as the "halfway there Mug!" was commissioned by the Portsmouth Gateway Group to commemorate moving half of the 20 million cubic yards of earth and rock for the project. 

Crafted completely by hand by Ohio artisans, the mug is in part sourced from clays discovered within the project excavation including the state of Ohio route number adorning the Mug. Everyone on the project received one...yet, if you would like to own a piece of the project and history, as well as support Ohio artisans, click on the mug >>>>>>>>>>> to connect with Crafty by Nature's web site and order your own 823 mug today.

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