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We Are Under Construction!


Portsmouth Gateway Group as the "Developer" of the project brings world class capabilities and a long term commitment to the traveling public during the construction and operating phases of State Route 823.  ODOT has moved into the vanguard of highway project delivery via the Private Public Agreement (PPA) that binds the Portsmouth Gateway Group (PGG) with highly detailed project, cost and time commitment – bringing the best value to the public via private expertise in an effective partnership.



During a recent public Stakeholder meeting some of the important facts and details of the project were shared. One interesting fact is that the project requires moving more than 20million cubic yards of earth. To gain a perspective on how much that is - if a football sized field were piled high with that much material it would reach two miles into the sky.  That's a lot of material and most of it is actually made of rock!

We are
  "Under Construction"

Solutions to the challenges of building the largest single construction contract in Ohio roadbuilding history is daunting.  An aggressive construction completion target of December 2018 has required an early start this year. In the coming days the men and women who will craft the finished project and get an early rising and work long hours through the course of the four year schedule.

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