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Featured Project Photos...high quality pics...please be patient...

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a’s a plane...nope, it’s a deck pour for Bridge 18! The bridge, which is the last to be under construction at the U.S. 23/S.R. 823 interchange, is the exit ramp that will carry traffic off the new highway to U.S. 23 North. Pictured here, crews and equipment are pumping 650 cubic yards of concrete into the deck, but rather than looking up to the sky while driving through construction zones.

A nice panoramic view of Bridge 6 over the Little Scioto River and S.R. 335. Once completed, this bridge will be the longest and tallest structure within the S.R. 823 corridor. While beams are being set here, we are in the home stretch with only three of the total 22 bridges needing beams to be installed. Photo courtesy of Pete Schafer, Beaver Excavating.

Staying ahead of the weather and the schedule, Portsmouth Joint Venture crews are tackling the various stages of bridge construction throughout the SOVMH corridor, and to date, eight of the 21 bridge decks have been poured. Pictured here, crews are working to set up a Bidwell 4800 in preparation for a deck pour on Bridge 1B, which will carry traffic over Ohio River Road and be the exit ramp from S.R. 823 to U.S. 52 East.

As the sun crests over the hillside, it is apparent that the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway is more than just a line on the map or a footprint in the soil. Looking north along the mainline toward the U.S. 23 interchange, you can see where pavement has been placed and barrier walls have been installed, moving the project that much closer to its targeted completion in 2018.

It won't be too long before traffic will be moving along Lucasville-Minford Road, where it has been closed since April for interchange and roadway construction. Looking south along the corridor, drilling rigs are shown bringing the earth to grade and bridge piers are being constructed. With the site taking shape, our team is still on target to reopen Lucasville-Minford Road by August 1.

Working during the overnight hours, PJV crews were busy the last couple of weeks setting girders for Bridge 1A, which will serve as the exit ramp from S.R. 823 onto U.S. 52 East. Crews are now bolting together the splices and setting cross braces in preparation for upcoming deck work.

We have pavement! Looking east along the mainline of S.R. 823, the passing lanes are getting their first application of asphalt. Although there is still more asphalt to be placed, the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway is taking shape.

These before and after shots span eight months from October 2016 to May 2017, where you can see the mainline looking northeast, north of Lucasville-Minford Road, taking shape.

As the U.S. 23 interchange continues to take shape, this aerial shot gives a bird’s eye view of all six bridges in various stages of construction.

Another perspective of bridge construction for the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway: Pictured here a PJV crew is compacting select granular backfill (SGB) behind the mechanically stabilizing earth (MSE) wall at the rear abutment for Bridge 13, which will carry S.R. 823 over Morris Lane.

Construction crews are hard at work driving pile in preparation for mechanically stabilizing earth (MSE) wall construction at Bridge 12 over Blue Run Road.

Construction of the S.R. 823 project’s bridges is in various stages throughout the corridor, as seen here at Bridge 13. Pier formation and construction of the mechanically stabilizing earth (MSE) wall for the forward abutment are under way for the structure that will carry S.R. 823 over Morris Lane.

Stretching from the Stout Hollow area toward the interchange for S.R. 140, this panoramic view shows a different perspective of Bridge 6 carrying S.R. 823 over the Little Scioto River and S.R. 335. As depicted here, four of the bridge’s five piers have been built, and with a length of 863 feet and a height of 124 feet, Bridge 6 will be the longest and tallest bridge within the corridor.

Bridges are at various stages of construction throughout the project, like this one where piles have been driven for Bridge 2 that will be the entrance ramp from U.S. 52 West to S.R. 823. In the background, a CAT 336 fills an articulating truck with shot rock for placement along the right of way.

Although warmer temperatures have melted the snow since this panoramic was taken, winter is far from over, and crews throughout the corridor are still hard at work on any given day despite the weather. In this view, operators are drilling in the Stout Hollow Road area, looking toward the Shumway Hollow and Highland Bend area.

Even though winter is upon us, work continues throughout the entire corridor of the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway. Pictured here looking west across Swauger Valley Road, Bridge 9 is taking shape with constructed MSE walls and piers in place, and in the background drilling rigs and Hitachi 1200s are working on bringing the landscape to grade.

Traveling U.S. 23 north of Lucasville, construction progress of Bridge 20 that spans over U.S. 23 is evident. Pictured here is a view looking east toward Fairground Road, where crews are tying steel together in preparation for a deck pour.

Bridge construction continues throughout the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway corridor, and pictured here is the deck pour for Bridge 8 that will carry Shumway Hollow Road over S.R. 823 at the Portsmouth Reginal Airport interchange near Minford

Moving 20 million cubic yards of earth sometimes needs a little high velocity encouragement! Pictured here a drilling rig is preparing for a production blast northeast of Lucasville-Minford Road.

Flashback Friday is here and what better way to celebrate than to give a one-year view of construction activities in the area of the U.S. 23 interchange for the Southern Ohio Veteran Memorial Highway? Just over a year apart, these pictures show how much has been accomplished since the fall of 2015

As seen here at Bridge 9 over Swauger Valley Road, bridge construction is full steam ahead! Nearly complete, the forward mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall shown behind the bridge pier rises 50 feet in the air and will be one of the tallest walls constructed

Though construction is in full swing, there is still a lot of dirt to move. Looking northeast along the future corridor for S.R. 823, north of Lucasville-Minford Road, bulldozers are hard at work constructing a haul road, while blasting rigs are drilling holes for a production blast.

Construction is well under way for 16 of the 22 bridges that are part of the SOVMH. Pictured here is Bridge 9 that will take travelers over Swauger Valley Road.

With 16 miles of highway to build, different types of earth can be found throughout the S.R. 823 corridor. Pictured here are Challengers which, with the use of tracks rather than tires, allow for better mobility in softer soils.

Construction is in full swing! Looking southeast of Flatwood Fallen Timber Road, a Hitachi 1200 loads a CAT 773 with shot rock to place for embankment, while two drilling rigs drill blast holes for a production blast.

Looking northwest toward the site of the partial interchanges at U.S. 52 and S.R. 140, this 10,000-foot view gives a glimpse of the S.R. 823 corridor in the Poplar Heights and Swauger Valley areas.

Looking east over Shumway Hollow Road, this photo shows the progress that's been made at the site of the Shumway Hollow interchange. As you can see, the bridges that will carry traffic over S.R. 823 and the CSX rail line for the interchange are taking shape, and it won't be long before bridge decks will be poured.

Looking west over U.S. 23, the ever-changing landscape is apparent as seen in this bird’s eye view. Pictured here is construction of Bridge 20, which will carry motorists to and from southbound U.S. 23 to S.R. 823.

Of the many components that go into building a bridge, piles and MSE walls are just the beginning. Pictured here is construction for the U.S. 52 partial interchange and the exit ramp to U.S. 52 East.

t takes a lot to build a bridge, and with 22 in total being built for the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway, there’s no rest for our team of operators, laborers and engineers. Pictured here are crewsdoing preparation work for the first bridge deck placement on one of three bridges that will cross Fairground Road at the U.S. 23 interchange.

In this photo, looking south over S.R. 140, ongoing construction depicts where the partial interchange from S.R. 823 to S.R. 140 will rest. Shown here are the piles that have been driven for Bridge 3, as well as portions of the MSE wall and the footprint for the new roadway toward U.S. 52.

One of the major components of this year’s schedule for the new S.R. 823 is bridge construction. Pictured here looking south toward S.R. 140 are three bridges are in the various stages of construction. Once completed, these will be Bridge 4 over the CSX Railroad, Bridge 5 over Slocum Avenue, and Bridge 6, which will be the tallest bridge and cross over the Little Scioto River.

Bridge construction is well under way throughout the S.R. 823 corridor, as seen here at the site of the U.S. 23 interchange. Although there are 22 bridges to be constructed within the project, these are the first beams to be placed for two structures at the interchange

Looking west across U.S. 23, a CAT CS56B is compacting fill behind the rear abutment of the MSE wall for the future interchange at U.S. 23, just north of Lucasville. Once completed, the structure will span the Norfolk-Southern Railroad line and U.S. 23 and provide travel to and from S.R. 823.

As the sun rises east of Swauger Valley Road, an operator and his excavator are going back to work. With the onset of summer months, project personnel are working two shifts in nearly all segments of the corridor for the new S.R. 823.

It takes a lot of heavy equipment to move more than 20 million cubic yards of earth for the S.R. 823 corridor. Pictured here northwest of Flatwood-Fallen Timber Road are an excavator, dozer and CAT 773, whose operators are grubbing the existing grade along the mainline.

Flashback Friday: Today marks the one-year anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway and the start of construction. It's hard to believe how much progress has been made since, but we sure have come a long way in a relatively short period of time.

Many components go into the building of a bridge. This structure in particular, located on Fairgrounds Road, already has the steel piling in place and the MSE wall installed. Pictured here is the next step, the forming of the abutment that will ultimately hold the bridge beams and deck

Constructing the new S.R. 823 takes big machines, like this vibratory compactor. Weighing in at 22.5 tons, this machine compacts the fill from excavation operations in other areas.

From U.S. 23 at Lucasville and looking southeast, this aerial view shows the S.R. 823 corridor under construction. With its 21 bridges and five interchanges, the 16-mile, four-lane highway is Ohio’s largest, modern earthwork project to date.

Looking east toward S.R. 139, this four-season glimpse in the area of the airport beacon displays the magnitude of work that has taken place building the future corridor for S.R. 823. For more project photos and information visit us online at #pgg823 #SOVMH

Check out this Hitachi 1200 filling a Cat 773 with dirt and rock – most of which will be used for embankment work elsewhere on the S.R. 823 project. These massive off-road trucks can haul upwards of 50 tons of material.

For this week’s feature photo, we have an aerial view of the Shumway Hollow interchange, where the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport sits opposite the interchange off S.R. 335.

A little project trivia: More than 80 culverts are being installed throughout the 16-mile S.R. 823 corridor. Pictured here is one such culvert receiving backfill.

Before & After: From these photos taken northwest of Kinstler Road, it’s apparent how S.R. 823 has taken shape in just a few, short months.

Along Fairgrounds Road is the placement of MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) panels where bridges 15, 16 and 17 will cross the railroad line along U.S. 23.

Only a snap shot from 4,000 feet above can capture the true magnitude of the S.R. 823 project in Scioto County. From the bottom of the photo and looking west over the corridor we can see construction at Swauger Valley Road, S.R. 139 and the interchange at Lucasville-Minford Road.

The footprint of the S.R. 823 corridor continues to be more visible, as seen here looking northwest across Blue Run Road where crews are clearing and grading in the area for Bridge #13.

As the weather begins to turn to spring, work continues along Slocum Avenue, with pile driving for the foundation of a bridge.

There are many moving parts to the construction of the future corridor of S.R. 823. Showing only a small portion of machinery and manpower hard at work, this photo depicts placement of backfill over culverts, with a Hitachi 1200 excavating in the background.

Bridge construction in progress! This photo depicts construction of the future bridge for S.R. 823 over Slocum Avenue. Amazing the difference a few days of construction can make.

More than snow dotting the landscape is the equipment seen here. This, of course, is only a small portion of what it will take to construct the future corridor of S.R. 823.

Even with more than a dusting of snow, operations continue across the S.R. 823 corridor, as seen in this photo taken just north of S.R. 140 where excavation is under way.

Just north of Kinstler Road, looking across the future corridor of S.R. 823, a CAT 773 is dumping shot rock while a bulldozer is pushing the earth to grade.

Just west of Oliver Road, this photo looking southeast depicts drilling rigs preparing for blasting operations along the future corridor of S.R. 823.

As the snow falls on the future corridor of S.R. 823, work continues. Taken earlier this week, this photo depicts a bulldozer operator working diligently in the snow, north of Kinstler Road and looking east along the mainline of the project.

Northwest of Kinstler Road, this photo depicts the progress of the ever-changing terrain for construction of the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway. In the distance and atop the hill, a Hitachi 1200 excavates near a drilling rig that is used for blasting, while a CAT 773 and other equipment travel the future location of the mainline and operators work to bring the road to grade.

Though our winter has been mild so far, this photo taken just north of Thomas Hollow Road depicts that snow removal may be necessary even when constructing a highway.

201512 Along S.R. 823 corridor

Just north of Thomas Hollow Road construction continues throughout the S.R. 823 corridor. In the distance on the hilltop a Hitachi 1200 excavates the rocky terrain to ultimately bring the hillside to grade.

201512 Clearing on the mainline

Although there's still much to be done, this wide-sweeping view from just east of Kinstler Road, looking westward along the future S.R. 823, reveals some early clearing activity.

201512 Cat 773 truck dumping sandstone and shale shot rock for embankment on the mainline

Working along the mainline of S.R. 823, the operator of this CAT 773G is hauling shot rock to be placed for the new road. This off road truck features and environmentally friendly TIER 4 engine while hauling about 10 cubic yards of material. It is just one of the many pieces of heavy equipment you’ll see moving in and around the corridor.

201511 Embankment placement, grubbing and pipe placement

From atop a hillside just west of Flatwood-Fallen Timber Road, you can see the footprint of the new S.R. 823 alignment as it stretches into the valley toward U.S. 23 and the interchange at Lucasville.

201510 Fill placement at 23_823 interchange

With work progressing throughout the entire S.R. 823 corridor, this landscape view depicts construction activity at the site of what will be the U.S. 23 interchange, just north of the S.R. 728/348 intersection at Lucasville.

2015 Before and after

Before and after...what a difference a few weeks can make. The top photo depicts crews hard at work, while the bottom photo shows the changes in the terrain at the same location a few weeks later.

201510 Mass Rock fill placement, night shift

As the sun sets over Scioto County, crews are excavating at the site of the Lucasville-Minford Road interchange. Working two shifts, PJV crews are stepping up the pace on all segments for the S.R. 823 construction project.

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